Hounds and Bounds was started in 2018 with a mission to provide safe enclosed play areas for dogs.

We wanted to create some fun spaces that customers could come and have a relaxing time with their dog and know they can run and bound to their hearts content but would be within a contained area,
We have a field that will hopefully suit every dogs needs, we have more secluded ones that are great for reactive dogs and paddocks that are in busier locations that are great for training, please see the field pages for more information to help you choose the field that is right for you.


We wanted to make sure we catered to all dogs so all of our fences are 6 foot tall to suit larger breeds and high jumpers, the fences are also dug in to keep in our little visitors and escapees.

The Great British weather is always on our mind so we have shelters available in all fields and are working to have tea and coffee facilities at all sites by summer 2020
We have in field parking to really have an off-lead walking experience and be able to leap straight out of the car to start your walk.


Malthouse Farm, Bradfield,
Reading, RG7 6AJ