Fully Fenced
dog walking areas

Hounds & Bounds offers a great choice of enclosed dog walking areas, all secured with 6 foot fencing so you can enjoy safe off lead play time with your dog, our sites are located in the beautiful Berkshire countryside with excellent on site facilities for your private use 

Open 365 days a year

What we offer


All our walking areas are located within coded gated enclosures to ensure maximum security, you park directly in the field and jump straight out of your vehicle lead free  

6 Foot Fencing

Every site is enclosed with secure 6 foot high fences, these are dug into the ground and double mesh layered to ensure safety for all dog sizes  



Mains dog water is available at all sites, we also have tea & coffee facilities for our human visitors

Fun Times

Agility equipment is available at our field sites, Fidos field has the full size set and Paws Paddock has the garden size spec contact pieces 

Private Use

All bookings made are for your private personal use and are never shared with any other customers, if you are looking for some bounding buddies please join us on our social sessions 

Lots Of Choice

We have a field to suit every need and all shapes and sizes of dog, we have secluded private locations that are great for reactive dogs and busier locations perfect for training and desensitization 

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